The Haunt of Links

By | Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • As the totally-out-of-left-field find of the week, the BBC ran this video report on chess boxing, a sport conceived of by French comic artist Enki Bilal and used in his famous Nikopol Trilogy. He does get a nominal mention in the video.
  • Gemstone Publishing digs out an interview with Bob Overstreet about the origins of the seminal price guide for comics.
  • Tom Mason digs out some comic circulation numbers from 1965. Worth pointing out is that the WORST selling titles of the bunch come in the 120,000 neighborhood.
  • There's an interesting local story about last weekend's New York Comic Con. What makes it different than most is an almost exclusive focus on digital comics, and was published specifically in their tech section.
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