Really Clever Con Idea

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I've used Ryan Estrada as an example of people who are doing some creative stuff in the business of comics before. (And his comics work ain't too shabby either!) Here's another neat idea that I'm going to unceremoniously swipe from his Google+ page and share with you here...
The drawing wall at my comic-con booth was a big success!

The idea was this- Jerzy Drozd talked about how looking busy at your table helps lower the pressure for people who want to stop at your table without feeling forced to buy something. However, I didn’t want to lose interaction!

So I made a plexiglass wall and bought a set of board markers. I drew on the back, and invited visitors to draw on the front! Together, we drew a monster party! (I live-colored their monsters as they drew them)

It got people to stop, and I could introduce my comics to their friends while they drew.

And while people rarely bought a comic right after drawing, they remembered the interaction and at the end of the day I had a whole bunch of people return to my table to pick up my book!

Next month, I’ll make some tweaks... add more wall, and get a white sheet behind it so it’s easier to see. A fun way to interact with potential readers!
I think Estrada's hit upon a fantastic idea, and one that ANY artist can set up at their convention booth!
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