My Covers History Project

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I mentioned last week about my history of comics through covers project. This is basically just something for myself to decorate my comic library (once I get around to building it). My thought is to present a series of covers in chronological order that essentially tells the history of comics through it's big milestones. Then have prints of all those covers made and assemble them as a wall border around the top of my library.

Anyway, I thought I'd share an initial draft. I've broken it into two strips so they don't show up TOO small on the screen...

Obviously, one could debate the merits of of including some of these. Archie Andrews first appeared in Pep Comics for example, but that cover featured The Shield and would've been really close in proximity to Captain America. So I fudged a bit by using Archie #1. I would have preferred to use Wonder Comics #1 instead of Flash Comics to represent the first big comics lawsuit, but I couldn't find a decently high enough resolution cover scan. Did I need to include Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal? There's a lot of that type of thing that could be up for debate.

But, hey, I said it was a project just for me, so it's obviously biased towards my knowledge base. Interestingly, I managed to get four covers EACH for Jack Kirby (Captain America Comics, Young Romance, Fantastic Four and New Gods) and Will Eisner (Western Picture Stories, Spirit, Preventative Maintenance Monthly and Contract with God). Superman and Batman both show up twice as well.

Turns out that this is a lot longer than I anticipated, and will therefore be more expensive to produce. I was originally shooting for each cover being about six inches high, but I'm debating about scaling that back a bit to make it more affordable.

In any event, I've got my baseline put together, I think, so I can noodle my options while I actually get a room to put a library in!
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