Good Lord! *Choke* Links!

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  • We last checked in with Wowio back in May, when Brian Altounian noted that they were two weeks away from a public IPO. Yesterday, they finally filed the required paperwork with the SEC. Note that's just filing the paperwork, not the actual IPO itself.
  • There was apparently a comic panel discussion this past weekend virtually in my backyard that I didn't know about until it was just about too late for me to see if I could attend. The article claims "It has been promoted at the local news area outlets and public libraries" but I missed all of that apparently.
  • That being said, though, there's this article about this coming weekend's Hero Bot Con in Elmira, NY. It's good that there's a little more advance publicity around the event, but that the writer never actually mentions the name of the convention or the website address where people can find out more information, it really makes me question if journalism students are actually being taught the basics any more. I mean, I'm not all that as a journalist and don't really even claim to be one, but I learned those kind of basics in a single, semester-long journalism class that I took in eighth grade!
  • Here's a scholarly article from our staple comics scholar Neil Cohn that details how learning how to draw is similar to the development of language skills. I think it suggests a reinforcement of the idea that "reading comics" is a distinctly different skill than "reading" as we typically define it.
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