Gotta Be Inspired

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Gotta go.
Gotta run.
Gotta read.
Gotta write.
Gotta strive.
Gotta create.
Gotta own up.
Gotta keep up.
Gotta do more.
Gotta go faster.
Gotta live fuller.
Gotta be mighty.
Gotta get better.
Gotta go farther.
Gotta try harder.
Gotta keep going.
Gotta learn more.
Gotta not give up.
Gotta get stronger.
Gotta climb higher.
Gotta stay positive.
Gotta keep moving.
Gotta be an example.
Gotta stay out of debt.
Gotta live on my terms.
Gotta believe in myself.
Gotta do the impossible.
Gotta take responsibility.
Gotta have my own ideas.
Gotta stop hearing "can't."
Gotta exceed my expectations.

The Thing was always near the top of my favorite heroes list because of scenes like this. He just did not give up. Despite being one of the most powerful guys on the planet, he would push himself past his limits. I've always appreciated that, but it's only been in the last few years that I've really taken that idea to heart. A lot of it had to do with my wife of ten years leaving me for still-no-adequately-explained reason. But finding a woman who loves me even more and getting struck by lightning helped more than a little, too. I was able to use all those things as an impetus to push myself to write my first book. I was able to use that achievement to push myself to run a marathon.

And even though the goals were all very different, as were the rationales for attempting to achieve them, the notion of really pushing my limits has provided a lot of satisfaction for me the past few years. And, as happy as I am with myself now, I do kind of wish I had started that journey a decade or two earlier.

I've been trying not to get overly philosophical (i.e. preachy) on my blog here lately, but use whatever successes you've got to go out and really push yourself beyond what you think your limits are. I gotta tell you: pushing myself beyond my comfort zone regularly really makes feel like a superhero, and it is a fantastic feeling!
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