Curious Revelation

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One of my personal projects that I'm working on is a history of comic books, as depicted exclusively through comic book covers. It wouldn't be every cover, of course, or even one cover from every title, but just the 50 or 100 covers that tell the story of comic books. So New Fun #1, Action Comics #1, Crime Does Not Pay #22, etc. I'm debating on more of a poster/mural thing or a wall border.

Regardless, I've collected scans of a little over 50 books so far, ranging in genre, style, country of origin, reason for importance... But two issues stand out for me because it's hard to believe they hold a place of significance in comic book history.
Dazzler #1 -- an adequate but completely forgettable comic by story and art standards -- is the first comic to be offered exclusively to the direct market, and Youngblood #1 -- a train wreck of story and art -- is the first Image comic, which helped shift how the comic market worked and responded to creator rights. I wouldn't expect every comic in my piece to be a stellar example of the medium, but yeesh!

Fortunately, my finished piece will have quite a number of good comics to counter-balance the overall tone. I'll post everything once I have all the cover scans cleaned up.
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