Science Fiction Land: The Documentary

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I've backed over a dozen successful Kickstarter projects so far. More than half haven't delivered on everything they've promised yet. I don't mean that as a complaint; several are recent enough that I don't expect anything from them yet. And the others have done an okay job relaying progress and update messages. Not always great, but enough that I don't feel like anybody's totally shafted me yet.

That said, I decided that after that last two I helped fund at the beginning of September, I wouldn't help any more until that scale tipped further into the campaigns-that-have-completed-their-obligations-to-me-as-a-backer range. Nothing against any individual Kickstarter, mind you, I just don't want to have contributions out to more campaigns than I can keep track of. "Hey, did I ever get that book from...?"

Then, tonight, I see this...
There's a lot of interest in the whole Lords of Light/Argo/Science Fiction Land thing right now because of the Ben Affleck movie that's coming out. And it really is an absolutely fascinating story, one that I heard about several years ago in my ongoing research about Jack Kirby.

As I was noting just the other day, I'm a big fan of Kirby's work. I had my first piece run in The Jack Kirby Collector nine years ago, and I've been regular contributor for the past eight. I'm a member of the Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center. I just changed my avatar header to resemble a Kirby drawing.

So I'm all for more research in Kirby's work. Especially the less well-traveled corners of it. I love his old Marvel stuff, and the Fourth World continues to impress me, but I really get jazzed in seeing totally new (to me) works that he did at the very beginning and ending of his very long and industrious career.

So it looks like I'm going to have to back one more Kickstarter, tipping that scale further out of balance.

Damn it.
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Matt K said...

Hey, "Kickstarter is not a store" after all.