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By | Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Tom Scioli takes a look at Jack Kirby's first (and only!) drawing of the Supreme Intelligence and thinks everybody since then has gotten it wrong. Specifically, he thinks Kirby viewed the character as a giant slug, not a floating head. He provides sketches.
  • Peter Sanderson is working on a book entitled 1986: The Year That Changed Comics. Portions of it are being serialized over at Sequart right now. Here's the first part of Sanderson's look at The Hunger Dogs.
  • The Slate Book Review announced this week their first annual Cartoonist Studio Prize consisting of two $1,000 prizes: "one for the best graphic novel of the year, and one for the best Web comic of the year." The initial prize will be awarded in March. More money for doing comics work; that is awesome.
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