Dodge News 1953

By | Saturday, October 27, 2012 Leave a Comment
Here's the cover of Dodge News volume 18, number 7 circa 1953...
It's one of those "kids reading comics in the 1950s" photos that are always neat to look at. You can spot Superman, Captain Marvel, Popeye, Donald Duck and others on the covers pretty readily. Rip Jagger went through and tracked down most of the covers last year if you don't want to hunt them all down yourself.

But the reason why I'm pulling this image out and calling attention to it is something that I haven't seen anyone comment on. Namely, the "PLEASE DO NOT HANDLE" sign hanging right over the boys' shoulders as they're sitting there reading the comics they're apparently not supposed to handle.

I suppose this is the type of rampant insubordinate behavior that parents were so upset about back then.
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