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  • Avast! I be too pooped to participate all proper-like, but I should remind folk it be Talk Like A Pirate Day! Yar!
  • Even though he doesn't quite seem to entirely get what manga is or means, Dr. Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has produced a short comic "that contains the main research findings [about an under-used clotting drug] but in the context of an exciting emergency department drama (romance is included)." The New York Times has a short piece about it, and the actual comic itself can be downloaded here as a free PDF.
  • iStockphoto's "Feast" (which I'm not sure how to describe; kind of a newsletter, kind of a portal, kind of a social media outlet with the social part... it's an odd duck) has gotten ten illustrators to work on a comic called The Collective Comic Project. It's basically a showcase for the illustrators (after all, iStock is in the business of selling images) but they're also trying to make it relevant to artists in general by explaining how anyone creating an image is essentially trying to tell a story. What's striking to me is that, while the individual illustrations are good, the comic storytelling is pretty weak, only part of which stems from the changing styles. The bottom line for me here is that good artists do not necessarily make good sequential artists.
  • This probably made the usual rounds at the time, but Matt Kuhns just directed me to Dave Gibbons' thoughts about how Vincent Connare borrowed from his lettering style to create Comic Sans. There's more detail, but Gibbons opinion can be summed up by this quote: "I think it's a blight, an absolute blight on modern culture."
  • Doc Jenkins recently talked with perennial Batman expert Will Brooker. In part one, they discuss some of the impact both the Aurora shooting and Heath Ledger's death have had on the property. In part two, there's a broader discussion of individual interpretations of Batman in the context of mass market appeal.
  • Also, did I mention that I'm moving?
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