Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook Review

By | Sunday, September 02, 2012 Leave a Comment
I recently downloaded a copy of Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook by Niki Smith and Michael Jasper. It's a how-to book for... um... formatting comics for the Kindle and Nook.

The book takes a very straight-forward approach. You've already got a comic, and you want to make it available on multiple platforms; here's what you need to do. It's a fairly quick read -- I think it only took me around 45 minutes -- but provides a lot of concise and clear information on what you need to do. I didn't have Photoshop open in front of me while I was reading it, but I was still able to to easily follow along with a number of helpful screen shots. It goes from initial production all the way through uploading and pricing your documents. It also has a very handy section towards the end, citing several other digital venues, such as and Comixology, and some of the benefits each of them bring to the table.

When I first published Comic Book Fanthropology, I made an initial attempt to make it available for the e-readers, but I very quickly got lost in formatting issues and wound up just throwing out a simple (though not ideal for e-readers) PDF. Having read through this, I'm sorely tempted (schedule permitting) to re-visit that idea.

The book is available only in digital form; however, I should point out that you can still read it via various Kindle reading apps if you don't have an actual Kindle. It sells for $2.99 and, unless you've already figured out all the formatting issues already, seems well worth that investment.
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