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  • Related to McCay's birthday, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum shares online a small sampling of the over 90(!!!) original McCay pieces they have. That it's survived at all is amazing, not to mention that it's absolutely gorgeous work!
  • Rand Hopppe has compiled a list of addresses Jack Kirby seemed to have lived at in New York City, and plotted them out (with annotations) on this handy Google Map. I'm not big on so-and-so-lived-here-but-it-bears-no-resemblance-now-to-how-they-lived-then types of things, but it's still interesting.
  • Speaking of Kirby (as we often do around here!) Barry Ira Geller has a Lords of Light website that tells a lot of details on the actual story that the upcoming movie Argo is based on. While the story has been told in differing capacities recently -- often in relation to the movie -- Geller's site is the first I've seen that actually includes most, if not all, of the art that Kirby put together in relation to the project.
  • The Cincinnati Pops will have concerts on Friday, Oct. 12, and Saturday, Oct. 13 focusing almost exclusively on superhero themes. Batman, Superman, "Spiderman" (sigh), Green Lantern, the X-Men and Captain America are specifically cited. As is Darth Vader. Although I'm not sure how he qualifies as a superhero even under the broadest definitions. Tickets range between $25 and $51 depending on when you buy them and which seats you get.
  • Neil Cohn has a new paper out examining the differences in comics' panels' focus between America and Japan. Specifically, he found that "Americans tend to focus more on focal objects of a scene while Asians attend to the surrounding environment."
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