3D Printing

By | Friday, September 21, 2012 Leave a Comment
My friend Matt was questioning the potential significance of 3D printing. Kind of a, "Yeah, it's neat but what would you do with it from a practical perspective?"

To which, I answer...
A genuine 3D printed sculpture of yourself as a superhero. Or a pirate. Or a starship captain.

What about yourself as an action figure?
These places are out there right now! (Click the images to link to the respective sites.) And, while these custom jobs aren't exactly cheap, they're not prohibitively expensive either. Less than $100 in many cases.

And that's available in the early stages of development too. What about custom-designed comic racks built to fit your collection? Special long-boxes just the right size for mini-comics? It's not that far around the corner, folks! Start generating your ideas now!
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