Looking For Good Foreign Cover Scans

By | Sunday, September 30, 2012 Leave a Comment
So my latest "brilliant" idea is a history of comic books, told exclusively through cover scans. Basically, a wall border or maybe a large poster with a series of cover scans of all the significant/important comic books represented. Starting with Funnies on Parade, going through New Fun #1 and Action Comics #1 to Maus and Watchmen #1, and whatever else I have room for beyond that.

But I want to make it as inclusive as possible. So it's NOT just going to be superheroes, but all genres will be represented. Young Romance #1, Mad #1, Tales from the Crypt #20, etc. It's also NOT just going to be American comics, but I want to include ones from around the world. Beano #1, Le Journal de Spirou #1, Pilote #1, etc. But, I seem to be having an inordinate amount of trouble locating even half-decent scans of noteworthy non-American comic covers. The American stuff? No problem! First appearance of Batman? I've found dozens of hi-res images of Detective Comics #27. First of appearance of the Silver Age Flash? Showcase #4? Scores of 'em! First appearance of Astro Boy? The April 1952 issue of Shōnen Kobunsha? I can't even find ANY cover for it, much less a good one!

The Grand Comics Database does have many covers available, but even their large scans are way too small to be of any use for this. I would need something at least twice, preferably four times that large.

So my question out to you tonight is: does anyone know where I might be able to find hi-res scans of old non-American comic books? I don't need full runs of every issue or anything; I'm just looking for the significant ones. Maybe an auction web site that often has good images, or a government library or school? Or, hey, if you've got a kick-ass collection yourself, and would be willing to send some scans over, I'd be all for that too!

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