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By | Tuesday, March 08, 2011 2 comments
Here's a nice piece from an NBC affiliate out of Florida highlighting Arion Rashad, a 12-year-old who's producing and selling his own Mii Toons comics. Although the "unprecedented" bit ignores Malachai Nicolle (started on Axe Cop at age 5), Alexa Kitchen (created Drawing Comics is Easy at age 6) and Sophie Crumb (worked on Dirty Laundry Comics at age 11) it's still a nice piece and the snippets of Rashad's artwork shown look interesting.
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J.A. Fludd said...

Most intriguing. Though it doesn't say how long it takes him to create an issue, how much time he has to spend at his computer to put it together, and what else he has to work around in his life to get it done. (I mean, a 12-year-old kid has, what, the sixth grade to deal with at the same time...) Nor does it say what kind of money he's making; it can't be much. Still, I applaud the ambition. It's an example of what you can really do.

miitoons said...

Arion's Dad,

Hi there and thanks for posting the story. It takes him about a month to produce a comic book. He has created 4 so far and he is 14 pages into the fifth one now. I would guess he spends about 4-5 hours a day drawing during the week. He still manages to eat 3 meals a day - a growing boy after all - and get his homework done. The weekends are another story in terms of how much time he spends at the computer - but I pretty much let him draw until he gets tired. You're right, he's not making much money, but really seems to be enjoying the process of creating an actual comic book series.