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It's a feature, I'm telling you!
  • Hans Rickheit, creator of the beautiful and somewhat enigmatic Ectopiary, recently lost his day job when the entire shop closed down. He notes that, "If you've ever considered buying any artwork or books, this would really be a very helpful time to do so." Rickheit won a Xeric for Chloe in 2001 and the 2009 release of his Squirrel Machine was widely praised. Please take a moment to check out his work and order something, so that he might have just a tad less to worry about.
  • NPR ran two comics pieces on Monday afternoon. One was a spotlight on James Daily and Ryan Davidson's "Law & The Multiverse" blog while the other was on how anime fans at Zenkaikon were concerned and trying to helping victims of the Japanese earthquake. Strangely, the word "otaku" was never mentioned despite nearly everyone talking about how much they loved not just anime but many aspects of Japanese culture.
  • You have less than a week to submit your nominations for the Harvey Awards.
  • Next month, SmarterComics is publishing a new line of comics based on non-fiction books, ranging from Sun Tzu's Art of War to Chris Anderson's The Long Tail. Many of these will be available for free online. The short previews that are online now look interesting, and I'll be curious to see how well the books hold up over their 80 pages, and whether or not those 80 pages do justice to the originals. In any case, it strikes me as an interesting experiment in comics and one that I'll be trying to keep my eye on. I'm hoping they live up to their "comics that make you smarter" tag line!
  • You ever wonder about that whole Western/Dell/Gold Key split from a few decades ago? Maggie Thompson reprints the story from her old Comic Art fanzine.
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