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By | Saturday, March 12, 2011 2 comments
I generally don't like fan fiction. Not that I have anything against fan fiction in and of itself, I've just found that a lot of it is written and/or drawn so poorly that I have difficulty continuing past the first page. In this case, however, I stumbled across the last page of a Dick Kulpa story by itself. I enjoyed that single page enough to track down its creator and find out more.

Dick Kulpa is, among other things, a fan of the Fantastic Four. Like many other fans, he grew weary of waiting for Reed Richards' return after the character's apparent death in Fantastic Four #381. After waiting over a year with no hope in sight, Kulpa did what he had to do: create his own story to bring Reed back. It's a simple resolution. It flows quickly. It's executed well. Although there are some small items for Continuity Police to nitpick over, it answers several of this century's big mysteries in the Marvel tradition of re-evaluating history, which more than makes up for any glitches that a Negative Zone researcher (like myself) would notice.

Oh, and on this trip to the Negative Zone, Johnny doesn't die.
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Matt K said...

"Oh, and on this trip to the Negative Zone, Johnny doesn't die."

Making it exactly like every other trip to the Negative Zone ever, then?


Anonymous said...

Ah, if only I could draw, I would do a re-write of Strange Tales #112, when Johnny almost died absorbing the heat and blast of an exploding atomic pile.