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By | Sunday, March 13, 2011 Leave a Comment
Still out of town and trying to keep the blog from getting static, so let me just throw out a quick linkblog post on a few items that might fly below the normal comics blogosphere's collective radar...
  • Treehugger reports a gent by the name of Super Titi out of Grenoble. he is a real life ecologically superhero who is actually on the city payroll!
  • Designer Matt Kuhns is annoyed that Chipp Kidd gets so much attention within the comics community when there are so many other talented designers out there, many of whom work in or for the comics industry. I know I am familiar with a number of web comic artists that are graphic designers in their day jobs, and who receive zero recognition for that in comicdom.
  • Finally, 20th Century Danny Boy continues publishing transcripts from The court case between Marvel and the Jack Kirby estate. Only read a couple so far but it has been very interesting reading.
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