Of Randomizers, Color Keys & Drug Lords

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Well, the evening seems to have all but gotten away from me. And since I happen to have a few links worth sharing, I figure it's about time for a bit of link-blogging.
  • Neil Cohn points to an experiment Sunday Comics Scrambler by his assistant, Suzi Grossman. She's taken some panels from various Sunday newspaper strips and put them in a randomizer. But she's gone the extra step of establishing panels into one of three categories (Initial, Peak, and Release) to coax a more linear narrative. Despite drawing from several different titles, it flows surprisingly well. Which I think speaks to the banality of a lot of those strips. Interesting to play around with and think about.
  • Chip Cataldo, over at Action Figure Insider, showcases the master color key for the Martian Manhunter Mini-Comic that accompanied that action figure in Kenner's original Super Powers collection. Interesting to remember that that's how comics were colored prior to computers.
  • Then we have the story of Aaron Castro, who will be going on trial in May for narcotics distribution and weapons charges. Apparently, Castro was using the money he earned selling methamphetamines to buy comic books. The government is alleging this was in part to launder the money and is trying to confiscate the 18,753 comics, valued at over half a million dollars.
  • My weekly column over at MTV seems to be getting fairly well-received. Last week I used Paul Horn's Cool Jerk as an example of how webcomic creators earn money, and this week I highlight David O'Connell's Tozo to show different reasons why a reader might want to buy printed copies of the comics they can read online for free. Truthfully, though, I think the only people who actually told me they liked the pieces were Horn and O'Connell.
  • Lastly, I'll mention that you can buy a copy (or several) of my book for 20% off using the coupon code GIANT305 through the seventh.
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