Coming Soon: WonderCon '89!

By | Thursday, March 24, 2011 Leave a Comment
Not long after Joe Field's success in getting Marvel to declare Stockton, CA as the true birthplace of the Fantastic Four (more on that story some other time) he became advertising director for the brand new Wonderful World of Comics Convention (later shortened to WonderCon). Field prepared a promotional video after its second year, touting its success to publishers and retailers in an effort to encourage them to attend. With next week marking WonderCon's 25th anniversary, Field posted his original promo video (with somewhat improved introduction and end credits) for the show on YouTube...

As a couple points of comparison, the video notes the 1987 show's attendance was 3,300 compared to ten times that number for the 2010 event, while Stan Lee in this clip looks exactly the same as he does today. This all took place prior to Field's work with ComicsPRO, Free Comic Book Day and even Flying Colors, which might help to explain why his hair is a bit whiter now than it was then!
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