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I do so love the Internet! Through a series of only mildly related links, I stumbled across the online comic strip, Tozo, the Public Servant. It was launched by David O'Connell back in February as a weekly strip about a police officer of Nova Venezia investigating a murder.

The story is still early enough on that it's hard to tell how much/well O'Connell will do with characterization and plot structure and such, but he's certainly got a solid start. What I've been more impressed with thus far has been the artwork. He cites Moebius, Herge and Windsor McCay as influences, and I think that shows through in the best possible way.

In the past hour or two since I came across Tozo, I've been quite impressed and find myself already looking forward to the next installment. Which, unfortunately, won't be until the 24th as O'Connell is on vacation. But that gives YOU plenty of time to catch up, so take advantage of what I hope will be a rare opportunity!
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Anonymous said...

Now reading Tozo! It's fun. Good tip there, Sean.

#6 said...

Fantastic to belatedly find others pushing true indie gems like Tozo. He has his comics up on IndyPlanet now, so beautiful quality print versions are available- I just bought a set. :)