Lunch In Wonderland & The 100-Acre Wood

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Wonderland #4 came out today, and I have to say that this has really impressed me. The story takes place after the Disney movie interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, which strikes me as a questionable starting point, but Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew do an excellent job with it. It follows along utilizing some of Lewis Carroll's style of mis-representing words in a whimsical fashion. To wit...
Mary Ann: "I've never been a handmaid before, but I suppose it won't be very different from being a housemaid."

Sir Edward: "Hm, yes. Have you experience with hands? Or are you mostly an expert on houses?"

Mary Ann: "Well, I do have several hands of my own, sir, and I'm well acquainted with them."
It's also an interesting twist to make the protagonist suffer from OCD, making for some curious interactions. Additionally, her lower social status makes her think Alice, of whom she's only heard about and never met, "sounds terrible and rude!" She also calls her "a back-talking, stuck up little prat".

It really is turning out to be a wonderful spin off from the original tale, and one that I'm certain will please fans of the original.

Interestingly, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four #3 features a trip to Wundagore Mountain, where the High Evolutionary evolved many an animal to virtual humanity. Once the aliens are driven off, the heroes are left talking to a bear, a rabbit, a donkey, an owl and a young kangaroo. While most of the dialogue just moves the story along, the donkey stops to note that "Had anyone listened to me, which you did not, we would have expected this." It was hard not to read that and hear it as voiced by Peter Cullen, who has voiced Eeyore since the death of Ralph Wright (Eeyore's original vocal performer) in 1988. Extra kudos to Jeff Parker for showing restrain by NOT making any direct references to either the original Milne or later Disney stories. I don't know if that was something artist Mike Wieringo threw in, or something Parker wrote into his script, but it was definitely the brightest moment in a marvel comic for the past year at least.

(And, yes, this is a marvel comic that I'm still getting, but it is, unlike most others I've seen lately, good.)
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