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Part of being a skeptic and a cynic is that I have a tendency to think the worst of things. In my case in particular, I tend to be particularly harsh on organizations. The larger the organization, the greater my distrust for them. Consequently, I don't hold my allegiances to organizations, only to individuals.


There are a handful of things in life that I really value. Probably number one on my list is freedom. Real freedom. Books like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 were very powerful to me and struck a frightening chord in my soul. I registered to vote for the first time in 2004 because I could see Americans' freedoms being rapidly stripped away and I felt I had to do something even though I was 100% certain my vote wouldn't count for anything.

I used to contribute to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. (It's the only organization that I personally support.) A few years back, though, I had to avoid renewing my membership because of some very tight financial difficulties I was facing at the time, and I allowed myself to wallow in my inability to perceptably affect change.

But Katherine Keller kicked me in the butt with this today. I felt somewhat guilty in not having contributed for a few years, but her generous donation has inspired me to try to get back on the horse. I made my own donation almost immediately and am currently working to get my employer to recognize the CBLDF as an organization that falls under their matching gift program which, if successful, will effectively double any donations made to them from an employee.

I used to wonder why more comic creators didn't support the CBLDF. I realize that many are living hand-to-mouth and some simply don't care. But the biggest problem, I think, is one of simple awareness. From what I've seen, the CBLDF really does a phenomenal job helping protect Americans' rights and they don't spend excess amounts of cash just trying to sustain themselves -- as far too many organizations do. So I would like to urge anyone who isn't already a member to please make a donation, however small, to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It's an organization that shouldn't need to exist, but governments all have a tendency to continually restrict their citizens' freedoms and the U.S. in particular has gotten much worse for everybody since 2001.

Less freedom means fewer choices. Fewer choices means more uniformity. More uniformity means less creativity. Less creativity means more crap. You can help avoid the crap altogether by supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
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Anonymous said...

Sean, the polls are open...feel like voting on the time-travel thing?

Anonymous said...

If anyone's interested, I'll be doing the Blogathon thing in support of the CBDLF. Looking for every sponsor I can get...