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One of the things that I've found interesting about blogging for the past year and a half or so has been watching my tastes change and being able to see those changes articulated. As I look back over previous posts, I can clearly see where I would start becoming interested in something/someone or where I would actively lose interest. And the most intriguing aspect of that is being able to evaluate those changes and draw some conclusions.

Today, I stumbled across this recent interview with Dean Motter. I'd vaguely heard of his Mister X back in the day, and have seen Batman: Nine Lives sitting on the shelf at my LCS, but I really knew nothing about him or his work. Which is a shame because, in reading through interview and looking through his web site, he looks like he's done some really quality work that I would appreciate.

So I'm left to wonder WHY he's an more-or-less unknown to me. I'm not exactly ignorant of comics and/or their creators, so why am I so umfamiliar with him?

I went scanning through my other posts here to see what other instances I could find, and I noticed a pattern of sorts. It boils down to creators doing decent stuff during the late 1980s and 1990s, but whose work was NOT published by Marvel and DC. One of my biggest knowledge gaps in comics is essentially non-mainstream comics at the end of the 20th century.

Fascinating that I've got that hole there. More importantly, though, I can now recognize that hole and work more actively to plug it up.

And you thought my blog here was just pure ego!
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I have some of the Marlowe / Chandler stuff he did a few years back - and it is really, really incredible.