Captain Action

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I just read the news that Fabian Nicieza will be writing a new Captain Action series from Moonstone and I have to say that I'm generally pretty excited about it.

I never actually grew up in a Captain Action era. The line was canceled well before I would've been old enough to play with him, and my action figures of choice were the Mego superheroes. So why am I interested in this new series?

Well, for starters, it's by Nicieza, who's work I always like. For years he had this sort of stealth mode with me, where I wouldn't discover he was working on something until after it was canceled. So I try to keep my eye out for his name anymore.

I think that part of it stems, too, from an appreciation of the Captain Action concept. Even though I was playing with the Mego figures and not Captain Action himself (indeed, at the time, I had no knowledge of Captain Action!) I ran with the same concept. I would take the accessories and cloth costumes of the Mego figures and switch them around to suit my creative interests. Spider-Man became a member of the Fantastic Four. Throwing Hulk's ripped pants on a de-costumed Superman provided a decent Bruce Banner figure. I think I even had Batman catch fire once by putting him in the Human Torch's outfit. And everybody got their hands on Captain America's shield and Thor's hammer from time to time!

Moonstone generally puts out good material. Not stuff I'll always get, but those are generally due to my genre preferences. So I'm hopeful that they'll get some solid talent on the art duties and bang out a great hit, even if it might not be a financial blockbuster for them.
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