Golden Age For Whom?

By | Sunday, June 24, 2007 Leave a Comment
I've been slowly working my way through The Batman Chronicles and came across several interesting things that I hadn't known before. First, Bruce Wayne was actually engaged at least up through Detective Comics #40.

Second, there were actually three versions of Batman which Kane would alternate among seemingly indeterminately. There was the cloaked dark knight figure whose imposing figure would strike terror into the hearts of wrong-doers. There was the superhero/athlete that would run around and bust bad guys' heads while making wise-cracks and bad puns. Finally, there was the corporate Batman who would smile for pin-up pages and talk about how great it was to be a good citizen. Fascinating to me is that no one really seemed to notice back then.

Third, we have this panel which I think speaks for itself...
And then there's this image, prompting the question: "Why is Bruce Wayne undressing next to Dick Grayson's bed?"
It's hardly ponderous why Fred Wertham thought there were some bad ideas in comics!
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