New Comics A-Comin'

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Here's some books I'll be looking forward to getting in the near future...
My bud Paul Horn does this online comic strip called Cool Jerk. I think it was about a year ago that he finally ditched his day job at the newspaper to do the comic full-time, and this will be his first book. He's debuting it at San Diego in a few weeks, I believe, but I'm cool like he is, so I've got mine ordered already.

(Strangely, though, I can't find the picture of the actuall book that he sent earlier, so I'm using a photo of Paul himself here.)
Nothing Better
I just saw that creator Tyler Page won a Xeric Award to get his online comic published. I'd never heard of it before the announcement, but I'm usually up for a Xeric book. I scanned through the first chapter and, although, I was reluctant to revisit my college days at first, I found myself quickly engrossed by the characters. And that was just with a quick scan! I'll be looking forward to seeing this when it comes out. Proof once again that Xeric winners are worth paying attention to!
Parverian Tales
I recently won copies of Parverian Tales #1 and #2 from Big Red A Press. Evidently, after publishing two issues, they switched to an online format and have been doing more successfully with that endeavor. I honestly haven't read much of the story in any format, so I'm looking forward to getting these two collector's items in the mail so I can start to catch up.
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