These Are ALL Comics?!?

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If you haven't been keeping track (and there's no reason why you should have been) the vast majority of my comic collection has been in storage for about a year now. I packed it all away while I was selling my house, which took about six months, and I haven't landed a new permanent residence yet. So I've got this storage unit with all my long boxes, my drum set, some furniture, boxes of toys, etc.

Today, the S.O. and I swang by to box up some of the still-loose stuff for when we have movers haul it all out, plus take a quick check of how many boxes are actually in there. I wound up pulling out a bunch of stuff in front to get to the stuff in the back and was genuinely surprised by just how much of it was comics related. On top of my long boxes, I kept pulling out boxes labeled "comics", "manga", "graphic novels", "books about comics", "comics magazines", "comics reference material", and so on. I mean, I know I've got a lot of comics stuff, but I was still kind of surprised to see so much of it in storage.

It probably hasn't helped matters that I've continued accumulating comics and such while all that has been in storage, and I think I've added another five or six boxes of books in the past 3-4 months. Two more went in tonight.

I should note that "accumulate" doesn't necessarily mean "purchase." While I have indeed bought quite a few comics, that doesn't account for everything. I've received a few books as review copies, a buddy of mine sent a stack of late Silver Age comics he found in his mom's attic (thanks again, Matt!), there was the stuff from Free Comic Book Day, I've won a few in contests, etc. Tonight, I walked past a used bookstore that was closed for the evening, but left out a box of books on the stoop free to anyone passing by; there was a Dilbert collection sitting right on top!

I'm not sure I have a point here, other than to say that I am really looking forward to having access to my full collection all at one time once again, and building up my own library where I can get some actual work done on this stuff. I know I've mentioned this many times already, but I swear I will make this library happen! And then--AND THEN!--I'll be able to get some real research and writing done, instead of this half-assed crap I've been filling my blog with for the past several months!
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