Recent Original Art Acquisitions

By | Monday, August 19, 2013 Leave a Comment
A quick note tonight to showcase a couple pieces of original art that I picked up from Wizard World last week. Please excuse the poor photos; I don't have access to a good scanner just at the moment.

First is the first page of Human Torch #1 (2003) from Skottie Young. It was Young's second professionally published work, and the first time I'd seen his name. Written by Karl Kesel, I really liked the series and while it doesn't showcase Johnny using his powers in his typically flamboyant fashion, it is the first page of the first issue, and not a shabby piece of art either. The original is pencils-only.

The other piece I have is an Evil Inc strip from Brad Guigar. It's from about a year ago, and is the first installment of the strip that he hand-lettered. All his previous strips were lettered digitally. Additionally, I think the way he handled the warp effect is pretty clever, so I like being able to get this piece even though it's not filled with his main characters or is an especially complex illustration.
I think I've noted before that I'm generally more interested in the process of creating comic book art over a finished illustration, so I'm more inclined to get somewhat oddball pieces that aren't just a big splash of the main character looking dramatic. (Though, admittedly, I have a few of those too!)
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