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By | Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Leave a Comment
  • The Borneo Post looks a new comic based on the legendary headhunters of Borneo by two Kuala Lumpur residents with Dayak ancestry.
  • Although the Justice League: Alien Invasion ride opened in Australia last year, I only just heard about it. I don't have a single link to include here, but I've compiled a series of videos that essentially present the ride in its entirety, including the pre-show video.
  • Here's an excellent summary video focusing on the Steve Ditko creation The Question. While Ditko himself is (unsurprisingly) not interviewed, the piece does feature interviews with Dennis O'Neil, Jeffrey Combs, Rick Burchett and Greg Rucka.
  • Yesterday, the documentary on Gestalt Comics called Artscape: Comic Book Heroes debuted on ABC1 in Australia. I don't know the how/when/where of watching it online or outside of that country, but here's the trailer for it. Definitely something I'd like to see in its entirety. It airs on ABC1 again the 20th.
  • Finally, in our video segment, The Guardian has a great piece on 2000AD which includes a look at their impressive library of films used in the production for each and every issue of the book.
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