Thanks, Marie!

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I have been having a crappy day. I've been given the oh-you-just-need-one-more-document run-around from the DMV for the second day in a row; the laptop I've been having issues with since last week just got returned to me... working worse than it was before; the temporary login process I've been using on a substitute machine kicks me offline every five minutes; the mouse inexplicably stopped functioning; I'm running behind on a couple pieces of writing that are due today; the weather's doing one of those drizzly, all-day rains... This was all before 9AM.

Tom Spurgeon pointed out, though, that Irene Vartanoff spent a little time with Marie Severin recently and snapped this picture...
Not only did it bring a smile to my face to see 84-year-old (as of yesterday) Marie Severin still having a blast, even after her 2007 stroke that left her hospitalized for quite some time, but after not having heard anything about her status in at least a year or two, it was fantastic that she's still with us at all! She's always been a model professional in the comics business, but always, always, always seemed to have a fun time doing her work to boot!

Marie, even though I haven't seen a new comic work from you in ages, it's great to know I can still count on you to brighten my day. Thank you.
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