Can We Get Past The Cardboard, Please?

By | Tuesday, August 06, 2013 1 comment
You've seen this video highlighted over at Robot 6, yes?
Come back here after you've processed the holy-crap-this-guy-has-a-lot-of-comics thing.

Done processing? Good.

So here's my thing. This guy has a lot of comics, but he's also got a lot of statues, original art and general emphemera. He's clearly spent a lot money over the years and, with 115 new comics every month, continues to spend a good amount of money on comics. I don't know what this guy does for a living, or what else he might spend money on, but more power to him for amassing a collection that he seems to enjoy.


He has the bulk of his collection stored in cheap long boxes in his garage? I understand that he's not interested in getting a pristine collection, and he's okay with "reader copies" but that just seems... odd to me. If he's got so much disposable income to spend on comics and comics material, why wouldn't he put some of that money towards a decent shelving system? I know that long boxes are the "classic" way to store books, but it doesn't take much to find other solutions out there. A quick Google search turned up this. And this. And this. And this. All commercially available with a 10 second search.

Now those are all admittedly pricey compared to a set of long boxes. Even compared to a set of drawer boxes. But crimenetly, can we just get past that cheap-ass cardboard crap? I know not all of us can afford to, but you'd think a guy who drops $500 on new comics every month could set a little aside so his collection isn't sitting in cardboard boxes with a plastic sheet over them in the garage!
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Matt K said...

Honestly, the long box has always struck me as less a home for comics than a tomb for them. They're a cheap means of packing up comics in bulk. A reasonable compromise for a store (when it made sense for stores to have large back-issue collections), so long as everything was filed reasonably well and there was adequate space to get at the boxes.

But for a private collection? Long boxes seem less suited for a comic fan, or comic collector, than for a comic hoarder. Just like the people on television, i.e., compulsively amassing and holding onto their stuff of choice, but having little interest to do anything with it after acquisition.

And if that's what makes you happy, well, I guess.

Personally, though, I go with magazine files.