Fake Geek Girl Moment Of The Day

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In light of my Fanthropology column today, the S.O. relayed to me this event that happened at lunch...

She ran into a co-worker she sort of knows in the elevator. They don't work together much at all, but she did know that he was interested in comics from a conversation a few years ago. She mentioned that she had just been reading Fatale and how it was really good. He didn't recognize the title or the creators (Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips). She stumbled a bit at one point and said that they were a series of graphic novels, but then corrected herself by saying that it was actually just a monthly series that she had read in collected form. And then the questions started...

Him: "Those are graphic novels."

Her: "I'm pretty sure the convention is that they're called trade paperbacks when they've been printed as comics first."

Him: "No, those are graphic novels. Is this a legitimate book, or just some print-on-demand thing? Who's the publisher?"

She was done at that point and shut down the conversation.

Now, I'll concede that there are a LOT of comic creators out there, and no one is going to recognize each and every name or title. And from her description, it sounds like this guy was pretty exclusive to superheroes and didn't mess with anything that wasn't in that genre. But Ed Brubaker is a multiple Eisner and Harvey winner... for comics he wrote about Daredevil and Captain America! Philips only has one Eisner himself, and worked on WildC.A.T.s, Batman and Hellblazer.

Admittedly, the S.O. didn't know all that either, but clearly this jackass was trying to showcase his obviously superior comics knowledge to belittle her. But even from what she told me, this guy doesn't know jack-all about superhero comics, much less the medium as a whole. Plus, he's an asshole with a complex.

Can we just be done with this bullshit already?
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