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Tomorrow would have been Jack Kirby's 96th birthday. No doubt there will be plenty of tributes around the net honoring The King in different ways.

Jack's youngest granddaughter, Jillian, as you may recall, started a Kirby 4 Heroes campaign last year to encourage people to donate to the Hero Initiative to help "yesterdays' creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work." She's back again this year, providing further encouragement to help honor her grandfather's legacy by caring for those who need it.

While Jack is primarily known for creating wonderful stories and powerful characters, I think it's often overlooked that he was a loving husband and father, caring for his own family as best as he could. That's a large reason why he was so prolific; more work meant more money for his family. You ever read Jack's gravestone?

I think we can learn a lot from Jack. He freely admitted to not having all the answers...
I'm a guy that lives with a lot of questions. I say "What's out there?", and I try to resolve that. And I never can. I don't think anybody can. Who's got the answers? I sure would like to hear the ultimate one. But I haven't yet. And so I live with a lot of questions. And I find that entertaining. If my life were to end tomorrow, it would be fulfilled in that manner. I would say, "The questions have been terrific."
... but he provides a lot of inspiration both in and out of the funny pages. The comics I read and write about owe so much to him, it's almost impossible to quantify.

If you're reading this, I think it's fair to assume you've felt Jack's impact on your life, either directly or indirectly. Please consider contributing the the Heroes Initiative in Jack's honor. Here's Jillian with some more information...
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