Wowio Going Public?

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Offered without commentary:

Brian Altounian, owner of Wowio, has relayed the following via his Twitter account over the past week or so...
When things go from the ridiculous to the sublime, where do they go after that? I have a situation that has arrived at that location.
Feb. 16

Launching MoneyTV campaign for WOWIO today. Part of larger marketing campaign that will put WOWIO on the map just in time to go public.
Feb. 18

Back-to-back-to-back meetings all day today. I get so energized around smart business folks who just want to get good work done!!
Feb. 19

At early dinner to plan out one phase of new investment strategy
Feb. 21

Obviously, I don't know that these are necessarily all connected. Altounian has also tweeted recently about Platinum Studios,, volleyball and his house. But the Feb. 18 post seems pretty succinct and complete, saying that he'll be taking the company public soon.

As far as I can discern, that Tweet has been the only the public mention of Wowio going public. Altounian's blog and Wowio's site make no mention of it, and Alliance Acquisitions -- Altounian's holding company that is the technical owner of Wowio -- unsurprisingly does not have a news feed. I'm currently trying to confirm the news with Altounian himself.
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