Vote For My Cartoon!

By | Monday, February 01, 2010 Leave a Comment is sponsoring a contest where users submit an image that represents the "Dangers of Debt." The entries are an interesting mix of original drawings, comic strips, digitally retouched images and staged photographs. Anyway, my entry can be seen at the right, obviously reflecting some very real issues I've had to deal with recently. (Any resemblance in the cartoon to either Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan or JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is entirely deliberate.)

The top prize for this contest is $1,000 which, like many people, I could really use. I figure the least you could do is head over to their site and click a simple "Vote" button for me. After all, I'm giving you all these great ideas and insights for free; I figure that's worth AT LEAST a mouse click, right? Tell you what, I'll even go so far as to embed the voting deal on my blog...

That was easy, wasn't it? Thanks much for your help!

And, hey, now that you've voted for me, why not browse the rest of their site and check out some of the other entries? Some of the entries are actually quite clever and well done. (Although, obviously, not nearly as brilliant as mine!)
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