DIY Lawmaster Suggestions

By | Saturday, February 20, 2010 Leave a Comment
Question out to anyone who's into this sort of thing...

In my action figure collection, I have the Legendary Heroes Judge Dredd figure. (See pic.) He's out of the packaging and played with and whatnot, but since I don't have a full compliment of accompanying 2000 A.D. figures that can go with him, I thought it might be cool if he at least had a Lawmaster bike.

My question, then, is: has anyone build a 1/12 scale Lawmaster and how did they go about it?

No rush needed. I just started working on a papercraft Batmobile that I'm sure will take a while to put together. (FYI, I scaled up this version so it should hold the DCUC figures reasonably well.)
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