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Yeah, it's comics' cheesiest way to intro an article, but I think it's justified here...

I got these sneakers back in 1989 when Tim Burton's Batman first came out. They somehow wound up completely forgotten in the bottom of a footlocker and I don't think I've seen them in ten years. Probably stored in there when I last moved and never got unpacked. I re-discovered them tonight by accident and I'll be darned if they don't still fit! Wohoo!

These were officially licensed by DC and produced by Converse as a special version of their classic All-Star line. They're not in the best of shape -- I actually wore them a fair amount in college -- but I doubt many people will notice the specifics of their condition as they're picking their jaws up off the floor in awe of all those bat-symbols!

(Oh. And yes, my legs really are that hairy.)
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Nah said...

I totally had a pair of those!