Vote Early, Vote Often!

By | Saturday, February 27, 2010 Leave a Comment
As you might know, I like me some contests where I actually have a shot at winning. The odds of winning a state lottery are something like 80 million to 1 against, but in a contest where there's only 100 participants... well, that's a bit more reasonable, isn't it? Kevin Church has been running a weekly drawing over at his blog this year and, while the prizes aren't quite to the level of a state lottery, he's been getting only somewhere around 50 entries per contest. That makes for a pretty fair chance at winning, especially given the cost of entry is only a few moments of your time.

Of course, some contests are more than just a game of random chance; they require a modicum of skill. Tokyopop, for example, has a contest running this week to win a copy of Alice into the Country of Hearts volume 2. But their entry requirement is to "find your inner Alice" and post a picture of same on Flickr. These often have fewer entrants and I like to think I come to the table with a little more than average chances.

So keep your eyes and ears open. I think I've seen at least two comic-related contests every week for all of 2010 so far! And although I haven't won any of those yet, I have noted before how a respectable chunk of my comic collection has come from contests. But this time, I'd like to earn a few extra bucks from this contest. I mentioned it at the beginning of the month, and I hate pestering you all with this type of thing, but do me a favor and put in one last vote (or three) for me before the contest ends tomorrow. Thanks!

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