Metropolis Wasn't Built In A Day

By | Sunday, February 28, 2010 2 comments
So this weekend has been kind of weak in the update department around here. The reason is that I've spent much of that time in the basement cleaning/repairing/reorganizing my action figure metropolis.

First, all of my action figures come out of their packaging. They were meant to be played with, after all! Second, they are action figures. I pose them in all sorts of scenarios: battling, running, flying, etc. And it seems to work better if they have an environment to do that in, so I bring out the various playsets. I alluded to how I put this all together a little while back.

The 'problem' that I've run into is that, once I figure out how I'm able to get my various playsets to 'connect' I'd wind up with another one and would have to work that in. And for a while there, I was averaging a complete overhaul about every 18-24 months. I essentially had to re-organize how they all worked from ground zero. I was actually about due for such a reorganization a couple years ago, but various life events kind of threw that out of whack, and my action figure city has been in some level of disrepair since then.

But, as I noted at the top of the post, I've spent the weekend giving the city a complete makeover. The Sunnyvale Library was giving me some problems for quite a while, as was the general notion of being able to still get to the circuit breaker in the very back. So I ended up having to scrap my hopes for a waterfront and trim back the park. I was at least able to expand on the sewers a bit and the Hall of Justice is under much better control, if a bit smaller than I'd like.

In any event, I still need to populate my metropolis and add all the small nuances that make it cool: a debris pile near one of the blast sites, the Sentinel parts scattered among some wreckage, furniture in the buildings, etc.

Anyway, here's what it looks like at the moment. I'll post more/better pictures once I get things up to full speed again.
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Matt K said...

DUDE. Wow.

I love the sawed-off FF Plaza.

Thanks. I built FFP back before Busiek blew it up. It's designed as an actual playset; two sides of the top come off and show two floors of Reed's labs. One is a slightly modified Star Trek TNG engine room and the other is more open lab space with a few machines lining the back walls.

I recall wanting to include a hangar/docking bay and have one of the sides open up, but I think the lights and batteries and whatnot I put into it made that for a uncomfortably tight fit.