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ITEM: Valerie D'Orazio turns 36 today. Happy birthday, Val! Also worth noting is that she recently posted Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine -- with a much cooler and more appropriate cover -- online for free. You can read it here.

ITEM: Henry Jenkins points to this episode of Kukla, Fran and Ollie noting that Kukla spends most of the episode trying to discern some of the notions of American sub-cultures. Jenkins humorously jokes that Kukla might in fact be the "'father' of Fan Studies" although direct allusions to what we might now call pop culture are generally pretty oblique. For those unfamiliar with the topic of that episode's discussion, they're all referencing the April 11, 1949 issue of Life which includes a simplistic/naive article entitled "High-Brow, Low-Brow, Middle-Brow" (begins on page 99) and a related chart which is also more readily reproduced on Kieran Healy's blog. (The chart expressly shows Captain Marvel as "Low-Brow" reading material.)

ITEM: Yours truly got the chance to develop a new site design for the Comic Book Bin website. Hervé St-Louis announced it a little over a week ago, but we've both been too busy to catch up with each other until this morning! It's one of the better/more efficient site designs I've been able to work on in a few years, so I had fun working on it. They're still working on getting someone in to work on development full-time, so the new design probably won't go in place, I'm guessing, until late spring/early summer.
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