Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment -- A Syllabus

By | Thursday, August 13, 2009 1 comment
Henry Jenkins, who's recently relocated to the University of Southern California, recently posted the syllabus for his fall course entitled "Transmedia Storytelling and Entertainment." While the course seems to focus on the ways licensed/licensable properties can transcend a single media outlet, I find it particularly interesting to note that, of the five texts he cites as being required reading, two of them are comics: Kim Deitch's Alias the Cat, and Kurt Busiek's and Alex Ross' Marvels. It's also worth pointing out that, throughout the syllabus, Jenkins specifically and repeatedly calls out comics as a legitimate and noteworthy extension of any given property.
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Actually, for the record, Sean, three of the required texts are graphic novels -- the third being Joss Whedon's extension of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And we will be discussing comics throughout -- I am pulling together my notes for the first week and am already finding the need to pull my copies of The Matrix and Battlestar Galactica comics off my shelves to bring to the class.