Super Powers Mini-Comics

By | Thursday, August 20, 2009 5 comments
Completely by accident, I stumbled across some mini-comics from the old Super Powers toy line last night. Each figure in the line came with a small (2.75" x 4.25") 16 page booklet with a short comic focusing on the character the toy replicated. I thought I'd scan and share the ones I found...

A few items of note...
  • There are more drawings of Superman in Wonder Woman's comic than there are drawings of Wonder Woman.
  • Robin's cape is colored incorrectly in his logo.
  • Superman appears on the cover of Robin's comic, but not on the story inside.
  • Superman is under mind-control in two of these three comics.
No writing or art credits are given for any of the comics, though I suspect they were done by an ad agency hired out by Kenner. Although some of José Luis García-López's and Dick Giordano's work was used throughout the Super Powers line, these comics don't seem to bear any of their artistic hallmarks.
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I loved these! Also, Happy Birthday!

Sean D. said...

The Wonder Woman looks a little like Alex Saviuk(sp?) while the Doctor Fate one reminds me of Paul Kupperberg (again SP?). I think both were doing the odd DC book around that time and could have been tapped by the Special Projects department. The Robin one I couldn't see any of the usual tells for the artists who would do things like this for DC. (For example the eyes on a Don Heck character, mouths by George Tuska and the jawline on late Ross Andru figures.)

Paul Kupperberg is a writer, Alan Kupperberg is an artist. Not that I'm saying he did this work; it's difficult to tell because the scans are so badly pixelated.

Sean D. said...

Ouch. I always would confuse the two. Pixelated as it is, it reminds me of a Justice League/Justice Society two parter ALAN drew around that time.

Sean D.

While it seems clear to me that Dick Giordano had a hand in the WW and Robin books, the Doc Fate art is definitely Alex Saviuk's work.