Palmer On CCI

By | Thursday, August 06, 2009 Leave a Comment
So, what does a rock star think of Comic-Con? Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls; also girlfriend of writer Neil Gaiman) had a few things to say...

comic-con was, in a nutshell, a huge fuckshow dork-fest of 200,000 people in a big air-conditioned metal box.
but it had it’s high points. the signings were good, i hugged many, though i did feel overwhelmed by the fucked-up mall feeling.

She does go on to say some more positive things, especially when it came to dealing with the more creative folks in attendance. (And for those who aren't familiar with Palmer, no, she's not cos-playing in the picture to the left. That's fairly normal attire for her.)

She also has a picture of "mr. writer-man" sleeping on the beach.
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