Gruenwald's Civil War

By | Wednesday, August 12, 2009 2 comments
Thirteen years ago today, we lost comic book writer/editor extraordinaire Mark Gruenwald. Ten years before that, he wrote a Civil War story for Marvel. It was much better than the one that came out a couple years ago.
I miss Mark.
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I hadn't thought of this story that way.

Usually, people talk about it being "Watchmen" before Watchmen... using analog characters (the Justice League) to write a serious, "real world" story involving superheroes.

Surprisingly, with all the many premiere reprints from Marvel, this title has not been issued in hardcover, and gets little notice from fans.

Anonymous said...

Good old Mark. I miss him, too, although in the years since he became one with the source (or in his case, one with the Squadron TPB) I have often wondered how he would have fit in with Marvel Comics since 1996. It's tough for me to imagine. Perhaps he would have ended up feeling more at home at DC? Who knows.