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By | Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1 comment
Not surprisingly, the whole "getting struck by lightning" thing has had several noticeable impacts on my life. First, of course, is that I had to get a new car. But more to the topic of comics, it's also prompted me to get a cell phone.

"So what?"

The "so what" is that I've never had a cell phone before. I've been wearing a PDA on my hip since 1997, but none of them have ever had the ability to make a phone call. That was quite deliberate on my part, and even when my PDA died in the middle of last year, I replaced it with another one. Which still works perfectly fine, but just doesn't allow me to make an emergency phone call when I'm stuck on the side of the road.

So, there's my new phone at the left. An LG Dare. It's supposed to be a cheaper rival to the iPhone and, while Apple definitely wins in the whiz-bang categories, the Dare looks like it'll hold its own reasonably well. Just so long as you're not expecting all the whiz-bang of an iPhone. Which I'm not. Which means I've been pretty happy with it so far.

"Sean, are you going to get around to talking about comics any time soon?"

Well, this all leads to my question of the day? Namely, are there any comic-related apps for the Dare? I understand there are more than a few available for the iPhone, but currently, I'm not seeing anything comic-related for the Dare aside from a few wallpapers. And the built-in media apps for the phone don't seem well-suited to viewing comics.

So, anything out there for the Dare that anyone knows about?
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Mike Leung said...

You asked this as Scott McCloud asked a more general question about comics and mobile-display. Posting part of what I posted there:

A List Apart published what seems to be a comprehensive table how various mobile-readers react to various stylesheet media-conditions, and a configuration method to reconcile them:

Breaking down strips and pages into individual image-panels and isolating them into an area readable only to mobile-display doesn’t seem particularly challenging. Then you just kill the display of the normal artwork. Boom, mobile-comics.


I haven't been very aggressive self-promoting myself here, but the webcomic I link to from my posts should display for you as well as any other mobile-display, and you're welcome to read it that way.