More To Come

By | Thursday, August 27, 2009 Leave a Comment
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that there isn't nearly enough Kleefeld-y goodness to satiate your appetite for intelligent and insightful commentary about the comic book industry.

"Sure, I know you update your blog every day, Sean. And your columns and articles in Jack Kirby Collector can only come out as fast as the magazine itself. But isn't there some way I can get more?"

You're in luck! While I can't disclose the full details yet, I've been asked to contribute to a new extension of a rather note-worthy name in the online comic book/comic book discussion arena. The intent is to be provide the comics community with roughly the equivalent of what Rolling Stone was in its heyday.

Ah, but I've probably said too much already.

But in a month's time (or thereabouts), you'll have that many more Kleefeld-penned essays to look forward to. I'll pass along more info as it's available.

And who knows? If all goes well, I might write Near and Farthing in Las Vegas.

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