Muslims In Comics, Parts 2 and 3

By | Friday, August 07, 2009 Leave a Comment
Jehanzeb Dar continues examining female Muslims in comic books. Part 2 focuses on the extraordinarily great work in The 99 (which I've highlighted before) and Part 3 chastises AK Comics for their poor representations in Jalila: Protector of The City of All Faiths and Aya: Princess of Darkness. Although I haven't personally read AK's books, I have seen multiple summaries and a fair amount of art from the issues, and was left duly unimpressed even disregarding the allegedly poor representations of Islam. They look like, at best, mediocre knock-offs of any "bad girl" comic from the 1990s.

Dar's conclusion thus far is that The 99 features not only the best depiction of female Muslims in comic books, but it's also the only one that doesn't suck.
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