THIS Is Why I Enter Comic Book Contests

By | Wednesday, March 28, 2007 1 comment
Some time back, I entered (and won second place) in Guy LeCharles Gonzales' 2007 Blogaround Challenge. (Guy's been busy with a new job and a new home for his blog.) I was largely unfamiliar with the titles he was sending, and only got a chance to really look at what I'd won last night. Here's a quick visual sampling...

This is stuff that's, for the most part, flown below my radar. Even Dead@17 I only have the vaguest notion of the actual story. But getting these books -- and, almost more significantly, getting complete runs on these books -- will open my eyes to a bevy of new (to me) creators and the general position of a new (again, to me) publisher. Even in the brief opportunity I had to skim the books last night, I already see another title that's sparked my interest... and I haven't actually read word one of any of these books yet!

And that is why I like to take advantage of comic book contests. Not just to "win stuff" but to win the opportunity to expand my exposure to different aspects of the medium, and discover things I might not otherwise have known about. Many thanks to Guy and Spencer for both setting me up with something new things to experiment with!
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...and discover things I might not otherwise have known about.

Which is exactly why I like to do a giveaway now and then! Hope you enjoy them.