Monkey of the Week

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No, I didn't forget a "Monkey of the Week" last week; I just couldn't find any! Talk about disappointing!

This week somewhat makes up for it, though, because our "Monkey of the Week" cover also features a bikini-clad knockout! Behold...
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 99¢ Preview

(Yes, it looks like preview art, but it's only missing the trade dress. The cover really is a non-colored pencil drawing.)

Sheena first appeared in a 1937 British magazine called Wags. She soon found herself showing up in the American Jumbo Comics and saw her own self-titled comic in early 1942, predating Wonder Woman by several months. She was created by none other than Will Eisner and, while her popularity has waned over the decades, the fact that she still appears in comics speaks volumes to her validity as a character.

A number of early (now copyright-free) Sheena comics are available for download here and a number of Jumbo Comics in which she appears can be found here.
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